‘Spring Lane Baptist

With Streams of  Living Water”

November 2020

A New Way

(Matthew 13:31)

I try to write/or find a challenging article each month. However this month I’d like to shine a little light on the step of faith we have taken as The Baptist Church in moving to Sunday Morning Worship.

Like many Churches we needed to look at the financial implications of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the effect this will have on our future ministry. We are a self-financing membership Church, with income coming from our members and congregation. Our ‘User Groups’ provide income for running the building and other events. We do obviously feel the loss of income from our Sunday worship, and the ‘User Groups’.

It has not been easy negotiating changes both to finance and the big change to Sunday morning worship. Part of the move was to bring us closer to those we work with during the week, and also because I no longer wanted to organise worship on a Sunday afternoon. With no-one able to step in and take over the administration, it was ‘close the church’ or find another way. The debate was fierce, but it was finally agreed in faith that we make the move.

We agreed that services would be at 10am and that we would encourage people to attend St. Thomas Church on the second Sunday of a month if this service again becomes their family service. We would hope to build on our successful ‘Bring and Share’ service (Sunday Lite) and then if possible the first Sunday of a month have a ‘Prayer or Communion breakfast’. The fourth Sunday would be led by the Minister.

I realise that we will lose a number of friends from Sunday afternoon, but I hope that we might gain others who don’t attend Sunday worship elsewhere.

Over the past months I have been able to meet with our User Group leaders, and get to know them a little better. The Saturday art group have agreed to meet on a Friday; when we re-open, leaving all day Saturday free. Sunday afternoon will also now be free.

I hope that the changes will be useful to both the Baptist and the Anglican churches as we seek to find our way out of this Pandemic, and find new and exciting ways to proclaim ‘Jesus as the Light of the world’.

Trusting Jesus

Derrick Hancock